Sure, I’m fast. But I’m also human.

Photo by Katie Krueger via Flickr.

Put your hands together. C’mon, do it. Everybody!

Let’s make some noise for an unsung hero: the person who works quickly. The one who lives in the DFZ (Drama-Free Zone). Who just fucking gets it done. End o’ story.

You know the person we mean, right? The one we count on to “bang it out”. The person who doesn’t require (and rarely, if ever, receives) encouragement along the way because the way is over before we know it!

We all work with someone who has the gift of being able to do things super quickly. Flying fingers, you might say…Maybe it’s the cover letter or the spreadsheet. Or the contract review. Or the ad copy. Maybe it’s the document layout. Maybe it’s the whole friggin’ document, come to think of it. Maybe it’s the storyline and narrative arc that hold it all together and make that silk purse outta that sow’s ear. Or, maybe it’s the project plan. Or the presentation. Or the sandwiches for fifty…and six more but hold the mustard, please.

How do you honor such a person?

Do you assume that because the person delivers work so quickly they never break a sweat? That writing or drawing or frosting cupcakes comes easily because it obviously comes so quickly? And do you therefore assume it’s no big deal? That you can count on Susie or John or Mira or Fahad forever because, well, shit, they’re always there and they always get it done? Is that what you think? More to the point, is that how you behave?

Well, STOP IT.

Think about a person in your life who seems to be there whenever you need him or her. Who rarely needs to be asked twice. Who “bangs it out”. Go find that person. Go find them and go thank them. If they dismiss their effort (fast people tend to minimize their own contributions), don’t let them do that. Say to them, “You make so much happen and I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do.”

You know why? Because the speedy worker is human. Acknowledgment feeds his or her soul. Believe me.

We’ve got someone in mind. And we’re gonna say thank you! We’re going to let her know that she rocks our world. And that she’s the unsung hero of the piece more times than we ever let her know. We count on her.

We’re not taking any chances — we need her to know that. And feel the lurve……

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