I disagree with this. Strongly. I find it smug, to be honest. If there is a way for anyone to remind themselves and others of the imperative to stand up for rights, especially among the vulnerable, I am certainly not going to mock it. That’s so…well…so, Trumpian.

Is wearing a safety pin the only answer? Of course not. Does it change the fact that there is an incredible amount of work to be done? Of course not.

For me, my safety pin (and, yes, I use one in my FB profile photo) is a sign to all who arrive on my page that I am committed to human rights. And it’s a way of signaling that you have arrived at the page/space of a person who gives a shit. In my case, it is one of many things I do. It is the least active, the least scary and the least brave.

Have some faith in others. Get positive in the face of enormous odds. Stop mocking. We need each other now. All of us. We need to work together to preserve our Union. For everyone.