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On September 30th, ReNEWS will hold a special event, “The Future of Journalism in Afghanistan”. Generously sponsored and made possible by AFP, one of the world’s leading news agencies, the event will be a 75-minute conversation among five amazing guests, with Q&A from viewers from around the world.

Our guest line up:

Photograph by Amy Selwyn

A fiction, but it doesn’t have to be.

Shelby had not intended to walk as far west as Montgomery and definitely not as far as the bad end of the street where the houses were in competition for states of dilapidation and disrepair. But there she was. And suddenly there it was, the Cassio house, more ramshackle and defeated than Shelby had imagined it might be after all these years. Worser for the wear, as her son used to say when he was little.

The paint was nearly peeled from the first level of the house, and it wasn’t clear…

Many coaches use a pie chart to represent the Wheel of Life: a pie divided into eight slices. The client is asked to complete the chart, noting which areas of life feel more prominent and which feel perhaps less important. Or more fulfilling and less fulfilling. There’s no judgment involved here. It’s a self-assessment tool that can give both the client and the coach a quick “look” at which area of life might need attention now.

This is a typical Wheel of Life chart, showing eight of the more commonly used pie portions.

10 takeaways from the ReNEWS conversation, Journalism & History

The night before the ReNEWS conversation on Journalism & History, I was struggling to get the show’s opening script points into a story that would clarify the relevance of the topic and its vital connection to today.

True story here. I picked up a book from my coffee table — something I had received a few days earlier as the next online book club choice and therefore not something I knew much about yet — and read the first page. …

Louisville, Kentucky, United States : Figure of Confederate soldier rests on a flatbed truck as workers dismantle a Confederate monument near the University of Louisville campus.

I have been taking an online class about the years 1962–1965, focusing exclusively on the two leading musical forces of this short but extraordinary time: The Beatles and Bob Dylan. In a recent class, one of my fellow students took umbrage with a lyric by Bob Dylan in which he says he’s sorry if he hurt some women in the past through what we’re led to believe is some pretty rotten treatment, as that was never his intention. …

A summary of ReNEWS’ conversation on culture wars and the mainstream news narrative

Two weeks ago, ReNEWS launched with a pilot program entitled, “Culture Wars: Are They Co-opting The Mainstream Narrative”? A virtual event featuring four speakers: journalist Bari Weiss, formerly of The New York Times; journalist Suzanne Moore, formerly of The Guardian; Katie Herzog, journalist and co-host of the podcast Blocked and Reported; and social psychologist, professor and bestselling author, Jonathan Haidt.

Photo by author

NB: This was written just days after the insurrection at the United States Capitol and one week before President Biden’s and Vice President Harris’ inaugurations.

An honest question, as I stop for the red light and take in the messages on the back of the car in front of me. How is this even possible?

First, there is the reality of putting all those stickers on your car, which feels messy and sticky and at least semi-permanent. …

From the ReNews website,

Every business, every endeavor, every person lives to values: those immutable things (not the technical term) that form our reason for being. Values are the filter through which we put decisions and choices. If one path does not live to a value, it is crossed off the list. For example, I could become a millionaire, perhaps, if I were willing to become an arms dealer. I’m not willing to do that. Moving on to Option B…

At ReNEWS, we have three values:

Editorial independence

We have no ties or obligations to any organization, news or otherwise. …

Photo courtesy of ReNEWS website

This year, the news has been increasingly about the news. We’ve witnessed editors apologizing and/or resigning; we’ve seen journalists walking out of newsrooms in protest; we’ve seen letters signed by tens or even hundreds of members of staff criticizing their senior editorial staff and supervisors for out-of-touch, possibly dangerous editorial choices.

Headlines include:

“War in the newsroom!”

“Journalists prefer silos to the marketplace of ideas.”

“Woke rebellions in America’s newsrooms.”

By nearly all accounts, it is one of the biggest stories in decades for the news industry. What’s at stake is free speech. And when free speech is shouted down…

Amy Selwyn


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